At Dreams Hotel Zanzibar, Our in-house restaurants offer breakfast from 07:30  10:00am, with lunch and dinner available throughout the day in both of our fabulous restaurants.

Our Rooftop restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful view of the island surrounding the Hotel and treat yourself to our authentic dream dining experience while feasting at the tallest sculpture of Mlandege City. Preferences of dining on our rooftop terrace is also available..

Our other restaurant offers a relaxing view overlooking our deluxe garden located on the ground floor, this would be the ideal place to enjoy our thorough dream dining experience. In addition, room service is available for guests requesting private dining inside their room.

The restaurants are traditionally well-known for featuring a delicious selection of fresh seafood meals that satisfy the appetite of all sea food lovers, as well as offering a range of popular Swahili course meals. Our fruitful fresh juices to compliment the meals are available at both restaurants and are sure to quench everyones thirst!

When you visit why not try The Kole Kole King Fish meal which has been highly rated by previous guests and currently the most popular meal on the Dreams Hotel Zanzibar Menu.


  • Mixed Garden Salad
  • A signature Spice Soup served with homemade bread (Our Most Popular Dining Starter).
  • Seafood Salad

Main Course

  • Grilled Fillet Fish topped with Lemon Butter, Served with Rice and Saut� Vegetables.
  • Grilled Calamari & Tartar Sauce, served with French Fries or Spice Rice
  • Grilled Beef Fillet served with French Fries or Spice Rice
  • Juicy Chicken Breast served with Spice Rice or French Fries
  • Penne Pasta with Sweet Sausage and Tomatoes
  • Classic Burger served with French Fries and Salad
  • Cheese Burger served with French Fries and Salad
  • Chips and Egg joint together served with Salad (Zanzibarian Style)
  • Cheese Sandwich served with French Fries
  • Chicken Sandwich served with French Fries


  • Cream of Mixed Vegetable Soup
  • Salted Chilli Calamari served with Aioli Sauce & Lettuce

Main Course

  • Grilled Fillet of Beef & Pepper Sauce served with Parsley Tomato
  • A Signature Kole Kole King Fish & Coconut Sauce served with Maize (ugali) & Spinach (Our Most Popular Dining Meal).
  • Saut Assorted Vegetables in Oyster Soy Sauce served with Spiced Basmati Rice


  • Cream Caramel & its Essence
  • Assorted HomeMade Ice-creams
  • Seasonal Fruits (Freshly From The island)

For more of our Dream Cuisines & Desserts, Simply Contact us or Visit us at the Hotel.


  • Fanta    
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sprite
  • Shani
  • Vimto
  • Sparkling Water
  • Energy Drinks
  • Pure Water

Fresh Juice

  • Mango Juice
  • Passion Juice
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Orange Juice

Alioha Mgbowo currently holds their Bi-monthly meetings at member’s house in turns and the meeting is always rotational across the entire United Kingdom. This gives members that leave far from London the opportunity to attend meetings, likewise a good platform for people to meet each other and interact on good courses.

Charity Works
Alioha Mgbowo in diaspora takes part in Bi annual charity works at home, ensuring our good people are represented well at home and abroad.

Making provisions for the Clergy, Students, Widows, and Motherless Babies through members willful donations.

Alioha Mgbowo represents the interest of its Nation Nigeria all over the world, to enable Nigerian Professionals abroad to travel back to the country to contribute to better governance of the whole country as a nation.

We belong to no political organization or support any political party in United Kingdom or in.